R E F E R E N C E S:

MAN Truck & Bus Trade Ltd. 
  • Procedure instructions 
  • Quality Management manual
  • MAN Bus - entire construction 
  • Bank guarantee
  • Robbe Futuba - instruction book of remote control device 

Texas Instruments + Sensata Technologies
  • Training of Hungarian operators for manufacture of bimetal switches in Almelo, the Netherlands 
  • Training continued in Székesfehérvár, Hungary on Videoton Industrial Park 

NAGEL Hungaria Logistic Ltd.
  • Logistic texts, warehousing requirements  
  • Audits, correspondences 
  • Contracts, confidentiality agreements, agreements 
  • Legal trials, judicial orders 
  • Instruction books
  • Quotations
  • Manual of Informatics 

FAG Hungary Industrial Ltd.
  • Investment in Debrecen, architectural, technical description of the industrial building 
  • Training of Hungarian operators for manufacture of rolls in Eltmann, Germany

ELASTOGRAN Kemipur Polyurethane Systems Ltd.
  • The medical description of toxical materials
  • Property sales contract 
  • Signature regulation 
  • Activity - description, operating agreement 

Reinhold Meister Ltd.
  • M6 motorway construction 
  • Up-to-date translation of construction log 
  • Lab examinations, geodetical expertise
  • Structural, technical descriptions of motorway 
  • Contracts, agreements - legal, commercial texts 
  • Interpretation of personell recruiting 
  • Cigánd - technical description of a reservoir 
  • translation of publications, competitions

RUF-Automative Ltd. + ÖKO-Brenn Ltd. 
  • Manufacture of wooden briquettes
  • Machine and equipment production - instruction book 
  • Translation of website

AIG Hungary Ltd.
  • Insurance - interpreting in Liechtenstein

KIENBAUM Executive Consultants Ltd.
  • Translation of an employment application 
  • Felina article

Management Special Ltd.
  • Competitions, EU competitions 
  • Sales contract 
  • Study of spring well in Miskolctapolca  
  • Kelenföld - architectural competition 

Hammerstein Bt.
  • Robot - instruction book 
  • instruction book of digital welding power source 
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting 

LEAR Corporation Hungary Ltd.
  • Translation of official records 

Optimal-Optik Bt.
  • Pescription of Active - Light - medical lamp
  • Prospect of the medical lamp

PKF Auditor Ltd.
  • Report of a financial screening by the tax authorities 

Patentee - Klein Eckhard
  • Translation of the European patent - lifting device with rolls
  • Validation of the European patent in Hungary - application 

  • Audio acustic - price documentation 

Pasaret Dental Clinic
  • Translation of advertisements
  • Translation of the website