Electronic Dictionaries: 

German-Hungarian electronic Dictionaries: 
  • GIB Halász: German-Hungarian thesaurus 
  • MORPHOLOGIC MoBiDic German-Hungarian dictionary
  • AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ MoBiMouse German-Hungarian dictionary

English-Hungarian electronic dictionaries: 
  • GIB technical and scientific thesaurus, English-Hungarian
  • AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ MoBiMouse English-Hungarian dictionary
  • Europe Dictionary English-Hungarian dictionary
  • MOBIDIC English-Hungarian basic dictionary

Electronic encyclopedia and dictionaries: 
  • Britannica Hungarica Universal Encyclopedia (Hungarian)
  • Révai Thesaurus (Hungarian)
  • Brockhaus Encyclopedia (German) 

In addition to these electronic dictionaries, there are many dictionaries in the form of books and electronic dictionaries as well as an abundant German, Hungarian and English literature is available, for example the Technical Spelling.

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