Curriculum Vitae
                University - Architectural Drawings 1 - 10
                Picture of me
                Why Use Quality Translation?
                What Makes a Good Translator?
​                Reference Detailed
                Reference Works
                Why It Is Worth It?
                European Travels 1
                European Travels 2
                European Travels 3
                Collection of Jokes - German + English
                Quotes - Historical Figures
                Quotes - Philosophers
                Quotes - Great Thinkers
                Classical Music
                Pop Music
                Sport Videos
                Music Lyrics 1
                Music Lyrics 2
                Music Lyrics 3
                Music Lyrics 4
                Music Lyrics 5
                Music Lyrics 6

                Julius Caesar   Alexander The Great   Genghis Khan   Napoleon Bonaparte   
                Hannibal, son of  Hamilcar Barca   Winston Churchill   Mohandas Gandhi
                Friedrich Nietzsche   
                Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  Fyodor Dostoyevsky   Albert Einstein   

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