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Google's free weblog publishing tool for sharing photos, videos and text with free templates - gadgets and themes - and widgets.
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Pinterest is a photo sharing discovery site where you can learn about ideas for all your interests, dreams, and projects.
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Based in St Petersburg, VK is the biggest social network site in Europe.
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Digg is the internet's homepage with the best videos, articles, and original content the net is currently talking about.
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SEO ("organic" or "non-paid" search engine optimization), as its name suggests, is for making your website visible on search engines that are created to search for information on the World Wide Web. 

The search results are mostly shown in a line of results often specified as search engine results pages (SERPs) which is thanks to RankBrain (Google) that uses artificial intelligence to deduce relationships between words, phrases, and concepts in order to provide better and relevant results

There are hundreds of search engines in the world such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu,, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Ecosia, Gigablast, Munax, Quant, etc. and they all have their own algorithms as to how they rank websites. 

Google (~65% of the search market) mainly focuses on the user experience such as unique, rich, and regular- ly updated content, usability and load time of pages, social media promotion, backlink profile such as quality outbound and inbound links from and to reputable sites, php, html, css, information and link architecture, website design, domain age, etc. Yahoo and Bing (~30% of the search market) favor EMD as well as article & blog marketing.

High authority backlinks building
How to rank on search engines:

You can definitely rank your site high on search engines.  Most importantly you have to focus on creating unique, informative, and interesting content that your readers are willing to spend time on (user experience) as well as link to because natural, earned links are the most valuable backlinks in SEO today.

The majority of your visitors will come from Google, Bing, or Yahoo, so you  have to make your site search engine friendly. By building quality backlinks and following the guidelines listed below, you will be able to rank your site on the first page of the main search engines

People also love social media, so being active on social networking sites (private networks) and building Tier One direct links to your site will also get you a decent amount of visitors who will then be able to share your ideas on the net. 

With almost 250 million NEW internet users each year, the competition and possibilities today are and in the future will be bigger than ever before, so promote your site and increase your website traffic.

Increase your Traffic with Do-Follow Backlinks on Private Networks:

Friendly with Google Panda & Penguin Updates (100% Safe)

If you want to save time on searching for valuable network and .edu & .gov backlinks on the net, an essential and very effective part of every Off-Page SEO strategy and an excellent source for direct links and social media promotion, then you can download a list of the 

  • TOP 60 reputable, high authority  &  PR (DA70+, PR7-10) Web 2.0 network sites - best social media sites at Blogger, Digg, VKontakte, Delicious, etc. and network communities at Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Dell, IBM, etc. - including their description, DA, PA, PR, and a link to the signup page 

  • 15+ .edu and .gov top-level domains (TLD)  -  websites of educational institutions and government bodies 

to build do-follow Tier One backlinks to your personal or business website. Save money and do your link building yourself instead of wasting your time and money on spam backlink services! 

IMPORTANT: I don't build backlinks, I provide you with 2 lists of quality sites where you can add your own backlinks!!!

How to add your links:
  • Create your account: upload an image and write unique description. TIP: spin your text with a quality spinner (added in the eBook), then craft your spun texts with different keyword phrases. The main goal is to target different keywords and use links in your keyword phrases. Use different pen names and descriptions; otherwise it could do a lot of damage to your site.

  • Add your Tier One backlink, anchor textor contextual link as a naked URL, brand name, keyword, or keyword phrase without over-optimizing them with the same keywords because search engines don't like anchor text optimization. 

  • Get 100% of your links indexed by search engines and make them extra power- ful by building Tier Two backlinks. You will find this step on the eBook list.

What are Tier 1 and Tier 2 Backlinks?

Tier One backlinks directly link to your personal or business website while Tier Two backlinks directly link to your Tier One backlinks, thus making them more powerful for search engines..

          Anchor text examples:

          Planet DVD Store

          Best DVD Store Toronto

          Buy or rent DVDs at discounted prices

Download a list of the
TOP 60 reputable, high authority Web 2.0 sites to build 60 backlinks
for $16.90 USD.
(Know-How included)

SEO Backlink Service To Improve Your Ranking

Off-Page SEO - activity OUTSIDE the page 

  • Keyword research, 
  • Create a blog and guest blogging,  
  • ​Participate in social forums (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.), 
  • ​Inbound links on reputable sites
  • ​Onsite blog posting
  • ​Article marketing
  • ​Press releases
  • ​Local listing 
  • ​Directory submission
  • ​Blog and photo commenting, 
  • ​Photo and video sharing, etc. 

Things to avoid​

  • Link schemes (reciprocal links)
  • ​Bad links from link farms and adult sites
  • ​Anchor text optimization (inbound links)
  • ​Broken links - "Error 404" pages
At PayPal's checkout, you will be redirected to the Download Page. Password: Business
On-Page SEO - activity ON the page 

  • Unique and regularly updated content
  • Metatags: appropriate title and description 
  • Long-tail keywords in domain (EMD - Exact Match Domain), URL, page content, alt tags, heading tags, etc.
  • Strong, bold, or italics tags in content
  • Anchor texts 
  • Keyword density on the page: 3-5%
  • Images with relevant filenames and alt tags
  • Videos, for example Google loves YouTube 
  • H1, H2, etc heading tags on main points of the page
  • Outbound links to reputable sites
  • A clear link structure (interlinking) for your entire website, 
  • A clear layout with contact and personal information, 
  • Make it mobile friendly, 
  • Set the language preference, 
  • Create a forum, 
  • Sitemap, etc.

Things to avoid

  • Duplicate or not unique (copied) content 
  • Keyword stuffing in title, description, content, alt attribute texts
  • Html errors, bad JavaScript, and CSS
  • Slow website load speed (flash, external embedded media, etc.)

SEO and Ranking in a Nutshell:

  • On-Page SEO - ~25% of the entire SEO - is the activity ON your page while Off-Page SEO - ~75% of the entire SEO - is the activity OUTSIDE your page - most importantly quality link building.

  • MOZ's Domain Authority is the numeric representation of the global link authority of a domain. DA is a score on a 100-point scale that shows how well a site will rank on the search engines. Domain Authority calculates the ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains while Page Authority calculates the strength of a single page.

  • PageRank used to be a tool for determining the importance of website pages. PageRank works by adding the quality and number of backlinks to a page (like a voting system - one link equals one vote)  to calculate a rough estimate of how powerful the website is. The PR Toolbar is not updated any more.

  • .edu and .gov top-level domains (TLD) enjoy a special level of trust and indicate high value to search engines because these sites of educational institutions or government bodies have high authority and PR (> PR5) and they have probably been on the net for over 10-20 years. 

  • The actual traffic data, such as number of visits, visited pages as well as duration of the visits, is getting more and more important in the ranking process. Links from pages that get no traffic are devalued.

Build Quality Backlinks on Reputable Web 2.0 Network Sites

What is more important – On-Page or Off-Page SEO?

Of course, both are important, but if you want to look deeper into search engine optimization and focus on successful and working SEO strategies, then I have to say that On-Page SEO is more effective today than Off-Page link building. 

Original and rich content that generates natural backlinks from relevant sites are more important than creating links on hundreds of low-quality websites. 

How comes? 10 years ago everybody was building tons of links to their site and search engine algorithms suggested that the more links (juice) you have, the more powerful and visited your site will be. Those times are over and we also hear people say that SEO is dead or at least dying. 

That is not true, white SEO still works, black and grey SEO are mostly a waste of time because Google works! Natural, earned backlinks have the highest value in the ranking process, then come private network links (see above). Links from PR / articles, guest blogging, and blog commenting are the least valuable, plus links from different domains matter much more than volume. As long as people use Google and prefer organic search results to paid ones, SEO will not be dead.

Search engines today mainly favour unique and regularly updated content that is not copied or spun from other articles, so if you want to achieve high ranking in SERPs, than, besides gaining and building backlinks, you have to focus on creating something new, original, and valuable that is frequently visited as well as revisited and your readers spend lots of time on your site. and most importantly link back to you.

Find a good niche with low competition and a decent amount of visitors, write an interesting and original (long) article, then optimize it On-Page (add your keyword phrase(s) in page title, description, URL, image names, write appropriate alt tags, use H1, H2, etc), then build quality links and increase your site's reputation on the net.

Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

EDU backlinks service
 Download a list of 
15+ .edu & .gov top-level domains to build 
 15+ backlinks 
for $4.90 USD.
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